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Foot and ankle injury services

Feet and ankles take you where you want and need to go. When they cause you discomfort and pain, you can’t live your life. Start living your life again with foot and ankle pain relief.

Causes and Treatment for Foot and Ankle Pain

Most people experience foot and ankle pain because of an injury. This is usually due to a sprain or fracture; however, it’s essential to know which one it is to know what to do for treatment. The experienced physicians at Island Musculoskeletal Care can help determine the exact cause of the foot and ankle pain you are experiencing.

Treatment Procedures: Injuries to the foot and ankle can be easily diagnosed by considering your symptoms and viewing the injuries with our in-house digital x-ray machines and advanced imaging studies.

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Our skilled orthopaedic physicians often start with recommendations of rest, ice, elevation, and medication to relieve the pain. However, if these treatments do not alleviate the pain and decreased mobility, our orthopaedic surgeons may recommend surgery.

With many years of combined orthopaedic surgery experience, our surgeons often repair damaged ligaments to speed up recovery time of the foot and ankle.