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Joint replacement

Joints are what make you move freely. When a joint problem can’t be repaired, it can be replaced, so you can get back to living life with full mobility.

Causes and Treatment for Joint Replacement

When you first start having joint aches and pains, you may not believe it’s anything serious. However, over time, you may find you are having limited mobility. The most common causes for needing a joint replacement is chronic osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, but injury and infection can also cause damage to the joint.

Joint Replacement New YorkJoint Replacement Surgery

Treatment Procedures: At Island Musculoskeletal Care, we utilize the least invasive treatment procedures first. Physical therapy and anti-inflammatory are the first courses of actions. If there’s no relief, our joint replacement specialist will consider surgery to help you recover faster, so you can get back to a full, satisfying life.