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Orthopaedist NYC

Moving to the left hurts…moving to the right hurts… bending forward hurts… and twisting is impossible. Sound familiar?

The orthopaedists at Long Island Musculoskeletal Care know about the pain you’re experiencing, and they know what to do to uncover the cause and treat it.

With over a decade of experience in orthopaedic care, our physicians are ready to learn about the injuries you’ve endured to identify the cause of your pain. Once a cause has been discovered, we’ll begin treatment right in our office.

With our orthopaedic surgeons, we’ll set broken bones, repair and replace joints, and provide you all of the recovery care you need after such procedures. If physical therapy is needed following surgery, we’ll set you up with our state-certified physical therapist working out of our office.

We know you just want to stop the pain and get back to living life like you used to. For that reason, we offer comprehensive musculoskeletal care. When you decide to use Long Island Musculoskeletal Care, you decide to work with qualified professionals in the field of orthopaedics to discover the best treatment options to quickly relieve pain and increase mobility.

Orthopaedist NYCOrthopaedist NYC