While common in crashes, elbow injuries may be hard to detect Elbow damage is a frequent type of car accident injury that isn't always easy to detect right away. Sometimes, after a bad car accident, seriously injured people assume that if they can move their elbows, they must be fine. But everyone should know: Even… Continue Reading Treating an Elbow Injury After a Car Accident

Experienced New York knee doctors explain the available medical treatments Knee injuries often occur due to serious car accidents. That’s why they’re among the most common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. In addition, such injuries can have serious consequences. In an instant, you might not be able to walk or perform other routine tasks.… Continue Reading Getting Knee Surgery After a Car Accident – What To Know

A new study suggests that judicious use of cortisone shots is as safe as any other different type of injection commonly used to treat arthritis of the knee. Cortisone is a steroid hormone that is synthesized in the adrenal gland. Cortisone shots involve injecting corticosteroid medications containing cortisone into the knee or other impacted area.… Continue Reading Are Cortisone Injections for Knee Pain Dangerous?

See what an NYC orthopedic sports medicine doctor has to say More than ever, men and women are able to play the same sports, but there is still a big difference when it comes to their risk for injury. Everyone’s bodies are different, but in general, a female athlete’s body tends to have certain characteristics… Continue Reading Are Women More Prone to Sports Injuries?

Experienced New York doctors explain what steps to take & the available medical treatments Many car accidents result in serious injuries. And one of the most common – and most misunderstood – injuries is whiplash. This type of neck injury might seem like a minor injury to some people. But if you sustained a whiplash… Continue Reading What To Do if You Sustain Whiplash in a Car Accident

Orthopedic Sports Medicine Doctors in New York Explain What You Should Know Fall is the start of a new and exciting sports season for football, soccer, basketball, and other athletics. At Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc) in New York, this season is also about child sports injury awareness. Serious sports-related injuries are skyrocketing across… Continue Reading How To Recognize Serious Sports' Injuries in Children - And What To Do Next

After a workplace injury your goal, usually, is to protect your health and make sure you receive appropriate medical treatment covered by the state's workers' compensation system. Common worksite injuries include sprains, strains, tears, soreness, pain, bruises, contusions, cuts, lacerations, punctures, bone fractures, and bone breaks—but generally speaking, any reasonable treatment you need for an… Continue Reading Injured on the job in NYC or Long Island? Here's what to do.

One of the most common causes of heel pain is "plantar fasciitis" — a condition that causes stabbing soreness. Plantar fasciitis can develop at workplaces, especially when a job requires long periods of standing. In general, people with plantar fasciitis have an inflamed, thick band of tissue running along the bottom of their foot or… Continue Reading Plantar fasciitis: A common workplace foot injury with an uncommon name