Bone fractures are often caused by car accidents, workplace accidents, slip and falls, violent encounters, sports injuries, and certain health conditions. There are several different types of bone fractures, according to, including: Avulsion fractures – occurs when a muscle or ligament pulls on a bone Comminuted fractures – occurs when a bone is shattered… Continue Reading Do I Need Surgery If I Sustained A Bone Fracture?

Surgery isn’t the first choice for many patients, but it may be the best way to get pain relief after other options have been exhausted. f you’ve been suffering from knee pain and have tried pain medication, anti-inflammatory injections, therapeutic exercises, and physical therapy with no relief, you're probably looking at surgery as the next… Continue Reading How Do You Know If You Need Orthopedic Knee Surgery?

With age, our bones become more fragile, and maintaining bone health should be a priority. Osteoporosis, or deterioration of the bone structure, leads to increased fragility, fractures, and falls. Injuries from falls can be devastating. It is crucial to improve and preserve your bone health in order to avoid them. Our NYC orthopedic surgeons outline… Continue Reading Osteoporosis: Prevention, Risk Factors, and Diagnosis