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Testimonials, reviews of IMC Bone Doc and our NYC orthopedic surgeons

My son's experience with Dr. Trepeta was really good. He definitely was everything that I read about him on ZocDoc. ZocDoc has a website and an app which allows you to find doctors anywhere and read reviews so that you can choose wisely.

He was attentive to my son's concerns and took his time with my son. I'm definitely pleased with my choice even though he was located in Valley Stream.

LINA A. — 5 stars

This is a very busy office but well worth it!!!The doctors and staff are excellent. Dr. Katsigiorgis is amazing!!!! He was very attentive to me and is extremely knowledgeable. Orna who works w/ Dr.Katsigiorgis is also very nice and warm. I love doctors who have good bedside manners and actually really care about their patients and Dr.Katsigiorgis is one of those  doctors. I have been coming here for a while and want to thank them for continuing to take excellent care me. I would recommend anyone coming here to definitely see Dr.Katsigiorgis he will make sure you are taken care of.

BEAUTY M. — 5 stars

This is a very busy office, but well worth it, with the care of all who work here, Dr. Katsigiorgis who is an excellent surgeon to the receptionist. Lorna, Tyler and everyone really do care. Been going here for a while and want to thank them for taking excellent care me. I really do recommend coming here.

DEIRDRE M. — 5 stars

I've been coming here for a month to see my orthopedist, and for MRIs he prescribed on site initially, and for physical therapy. I feel great about my care, for it's an excellent place. Dr. Farakh has a great approach as an orthopedist. He is constructive and has a really great manner and his decisions about my care have been really excellent. I'm able to ask questions. I am offered options as far as treatment, like whether I want physical therapy for six weeks three times a week, or seven weeks two times a week. Options may vary of course with different patients, but I was able to pick an seven-week plan that worked best for me. I do get the feeling that I am proactively involved in my care, while being in excellent hands, so I can relax and trust it. I had cortisone injections in my hamstring muscles for my sports injury here, and the procedure was comfortable and it helped a lot. The physical therapy facility is on site and the staff  as well as the PT's are very attentive and easy going, yet high standards knowledgeable and excellent. I've had a lot of experience working with movement and body health specialists because I am a performing artist who trained in acting and movement/dance. I feel confident and positive coming here.  The PTs know what's important to me as far as my goals,  but they also set an action plan up so that I don't rush into things too fast, yet I'm also challenged. I want to be in my best health physically for my work and exercising and for life, and I feel really great about the care here. Plus, the staff is really nice. Coming in, there's always a warm atmosphere.  I like coming here. My attitude coming in is a part of the positive experience, but it's also a positive place to come to. There's no show or presentation, it's very just what it is, which is a great doctor, great PTs, and excellent care to get better and heal. You're not going to be pampered here, though; you have to be willing to do the work but that's the way it should be. I'm very confident because I can have conversations about my healing. I'm taking a trip to Los Angeles for five days for an acting job and I already have an exercise program for travel from my physical therapist. I see people of all ages here and everyone is always treated well and it's a very diverse group of patients, which is awesome. You know they deal with people in all occupations and stages of life. It's a friendly no fuss place, too. They also work with me with my schedule and there is flexibility for scheduling without a lot of hassle or stress or worry,  and that's really nice. I come from Long Beach, about ten miles away, and it is worth the ride. I feel good. Thanks so much.

JEN D. — 5 stars

I came here because a friend had surgery by one of the doctors here and highly recommended this place. My first appointment was "on" my birthday and to be honest, I really didn't care because my health is more important then celebrating my b'day. I walked in to a packed office, but some are here for Physical Therapy and others are here to see the different doctors. I was there a total of 3 hours, till 8pm and I have to say that it was well worth it. I was in pain, but was X-ray'd, then seen by the doctor (Dr. Katsigiorgis) and then had a MRI. Don't be discouraged by the waiting room, in the end, it will all be worth it. I went the easy route, cortisone shot and physical therapy, but after months of therapy I knew I had to have surgery. Dr. Katsigiorgis is a great doctor/surgeon and I am glad he was the doctor assigned to me. Mayra at the front desk where you sign in for PT is an ABSOLUTE sweetheart. Then there's Jen in the PT office, she runs the show back there, another sweetheart, extremely knowledgeable. I have to say that EVERYONE in the PT department is amazing. You don't get the same therapist every time, but they all know what they are doing, so it doesn't matter who is your therapist. They are NON-STOP in PT, I am amazed at how attentive they all are to the patients. They know your name after being seen once and to me that matters. I would highly recommend this place. Some of the reviews I think are a little nit picky. Dr. Sussman is a nice guy, so what if he calls your name and then takes you to where you are going to be seen and doesn't ask you how your day is. He is doing his job and that's all that matters. If your in pain do you really want to discuss your day? The only thing I will agree with is that the place could use a serious cleaning. If anything, find a new cleaning service because they aren't doing their job.

TAM S. — 5 stars

Super personable doctors and staff. Busy atmosphere, and yet that’s what you like to see as in their doctors and staff are well trusted. Highly recommend.

DARIAN M. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Barry Jupiter) cares about his patients. He explained what was happening and offered therapeutic direction and laid out a complete medical plan.

BARBARA G. — 5 stars

Went in he (Dr. Barry Jupiter) let me know what I had and immediately gave me a solution. Excellent manners very professional ??. Very much appreciated.

ISRAEL B. — 5 stars

The girls at front desk was very helpful and efficient they got me in and out in less than 30 minutes and the doctor was extremely professional and his bedside manner was amazing I was pleasantly surprised it was a great doctors visit.

ROSELYN C. — 5 stars

Very nice and helpful staff. Dr Jupiter was friendly and listended well to me.

PATRICK L. — 5 stars

Dr. Jupiter and his medical staff are absolutely amazing!!

JAZMINE J. — 5 stars

I had terrible pain in my knee. Dr. Jupiter was very professional and has an excellent bedside manner. My knee had to be drained of fluid and I was very nervous about that. He calmed my fears and I felt so much better when it was done. I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

CHARLES M. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Barry Jupiter) was great. He was very precise

TAMIKA D. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Barry Jupiter) listened to me. And right away came up with a plan to help me.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr. Jupiter was very thorough in assisting me with my condition. He assigned other tests to help me understand my injury and him and his staff were professional during the entire process.

ROBERT H. — 5 stars

I was in and out of there before I had chance to finish the paperwork they gave me!

DWIGHT M. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Barry Jupiter) gave me an answer to my problem.

DRUSILLA W. — 5 stars

Office was pleasant, doctor was attentive and very polite and professional.

MARGARITA L. — 5 stars

Great doctor.  Very professional.  (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) Took his time and care with great results. It is true that the wait time is longer however from personal experience most doctors offices take a long time to see the patient. He is well worth the wait and i will definitely recommend this doctor to others.

YEKATERINA M. — 5 stars

Dr. Katsigiorgis and all his employees are patient, and understanding to My needs. Even given the chance, I wouldn't switch offices because this one has everything I need. #BestDr #BestCare #AmazingStaff  #CleanOffice

ELKA F. — 5 stars

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kats (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) for 6 years now and he is an excellent doctor, diagnose base on different test he does not just X-ray or mri but body movement test, had an ACL surgery done to my right knee and as someone who is physically active exercises 3 times per week my right knee doesn’t hurt at all and no problem when exercising. Highly recommend Dr. Kats. My mother also had surgery with him and she was back to work in less than a year since her case was a bit more complicated than mine.

JUAN P. — 5 stars

The Dr. (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) and his entire staff were awesome!!!

DOROTHEA S. — 5 stars

I was hesitant before I went to my appointment today due to the reviews. Everyone commented on the long wait. I had a 9:00 appt. with Dr. Katsigiorgis and was taken in at around 9:15. Everyone in the office was pleasant and courteous. The Dr. came in within 10 mins.that I was brought into the room.He was very professional and greeted both myself and my husband. He was a good listener and examined me and reviewed my MRI in a very reasonable amount of time. He explained my options and gave me details.I did not feel rushed. I did print out my paper work at home off the computer before I arrived but I still feel everyone was very efficient. The only thing I might add is that the office and examining rooms could use a big update in decorating. Everything else was great!!

EILEEN H. — 5 stars

The doctor was very nice and did thorough physical examination. He (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) clearly explained the cause of my pain and numbness in my leg. I expected that as an orthopedic surgeon he would recommend a surgery. But he did not even mention it, and wrote a referral for a physical therapy.

LEONID L. — 5 stars

Dr.Gus (Katsigiorgis) gave it to me straight forward and answered all my questions. He has a great presence and was very kind. His staff was just as nice and very informative when doing their job while serving my needs. Good choice my wife made with taking me there.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr Gus Katsigiorgis was very attentive and advise me what further steps I needed to take, the office was very efficent in getting authorization for a further exam. very pleased with my visit and would absolutely recommend the Dr katsigiorgis.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

The visit was excellent. I felt confident that he (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) knows what he is doing and the appropriate steps take in treating the patient.

EVAH K. — 5 stars

Busy office, but was seen fast, on premise X-ray, mri, and physical therapy allowed for an immediate assessment and treatment plan- very helpful. Dr. Katsigiorgis was a pro through and through-friendly professional staff too.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

I know him (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) for so long time. he knows his stuff and i will not change my orthopedic for the world.

BARI C. — 5 stars

Dr. Kat is an excellent doctor. He is very understanding and he listens to my complaints. I appreciate him. Keep up the good work. Dr. Kat you are very empathizing.

SHAWN C. — 5 stars

Dr. Katsigiorgis was through and spent time explaining my injury to me.

ABDULLAH P. — 5 stars

Dr. Katsigiorgis diagnosed the knee problem quickly. He explained the issues clearly and provided a course of action which should alleviate the pain.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr Gus (Katsigiorgis) will always be on the top of my list as one of the best Doctors in his field. As a former client ..i highly recommend him to family and friends.

ANTHONY Q. — 5 stars

The doctor was thorough, polite, and took an extra step to help find out the source of my pain that my last doctor did not. Staff was helpful too.

ERIC H. — 5 stars

Fantastic office. All staff wonderful , of course including Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis!!! Would definitely recommend this practice!

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

This was my 3rd visit First two were for my shoulder. I decided to return for an issue with my knee. Very nice Dr and staff as well.

CAMILLE Y. — 5 stars

Dr. Gus (Katsigiorgis) was straightforward and honest. Answered all my questions and gave me specific instructions on how to treat my injury.

ANTHONY M. — 5 stars

Great Doctor and staff. My son was in pain and the Dr (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) and the technician made him feel comfortable. thank you

GERI E. — 5 stars

Doctor Gus (Katsigiorgis) is very warm and attentive. The staff members were friendly. Very busy office, but that's okay.

SUZANNA U. — 5 stars

Everyone in his office was friendly and he was very professional and explained my injury to me.

ELISSA K. — 5 stars

Some of the nicest people I've met in a dr's office in a long time.

BARBARA D. — 5 stars

Dr. Kats (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) is down-to-Earth and professional and listens to my needs and concerns.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

I wish every doctor was as personable and respectful as him (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis)

MATTHEW R. — 5 stars

Doctor and staff are good they treat me excelent

LOURDITO C. — 5 stars

Doctor was great and treated the problem

FELICITA A. — 5 stars

Dr. Kats (Dr. Gus Katsigiorgis) is great. Highly recommend.

JENNIFER A. — 5 stars

Fantastic Dr! (Dr. Nabil Farakh) The gentleman that does X-ray/MRI is SUPER gentle! I love that it’s close by and everything including physical therapy is done there too! Very convenient! The PT area is great! No waiting great massage really gentle! I’m VERY satisfied and will definitely tell co workers friends and family to go there if need be!

MIRIAM C. — 5 stars

So kind understanding. Very professional! Thanks so much.Feel confident and will continue to use him. (Dr. Nabil Farakh) Would definitely recommend him to others

MONICA A. — 5 stars

He’s (Dr. Nabil Farakh) great! Very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend.

IVA G. — 5 stars

It took me half a dozen doctors to get to a doctor who knew what he was doing. Dr. Farakh has a great bedside manner. He didn't rush me in and out. He examined me and ordered X-rays, which were taken on the premises. After he read the X-rays he was right on point with his diagnosis. Really glad I took a chance on another doctor. His office was packed and from what I witnessed, he took time with each patient. Now I understand why I waited a while before I was seen by him. I don't mind waiting for someone who is worth the wait. I will continue to see Dr. Farakh as long as it takes to get my situation under control. I hit the jackpot when I found Dr. Farakh. He made me feel like there is hope. Thanks again doc.

PAULINE B. — 5 stars

Very nice man (Dr. Nabil Farakh). I'm not the hold-my-hand type of patient, so I found his speed just right for me. Got to the heart of the matter (broken phalanx), no fuss no muss. The wait was a little long because they are understaffed and they allow walk-in appointments, but I found the staff very professional, very helpful and very friendly despite the chaos. They even helped me complete my forms because I couldn't write. Highly recommended Doctor and practice.

TAMARA T. — 5 stars

The doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is very nice, extremely knowledgable in his field and answered any/all questions and concerns that I had. His staff is friendly, efficient and very polite. The office itself is very clean and has an air of professionalism. I would highly recommend this doctor to anyone and everyone.

DELORES K. — 5 stars

I'm very impressed with Dr Farakh. He is very professional and caring . I've been back to the office a few times now and when he gave me the injections all I felt was a little bit of pressure. He answered all my questions and I felt very satisfied with the care I was given.

AGNES P. — 5 stars

Dr. Farakh was warm, direct, and helpful. Gave a comprehensive plan for my problems (medication, tests, exercises, etc), and I am hopeful to see how things work. My only complaint would be the wait in the office, but this seems standard for all doctors; I didn't mind it much.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Doctor Farakh showed me he actually cared about all the pains I am going through and I appreciate that so much! He was on time with everything, no waiting and got fast answers and X-rays right away.

KRISTEN F. — 5 stars

Dr Farakh was kind and efficient. The nurse (or physician's assistant?) Luigi, who put on my cast, was a total sweetheart. Waiting room was very hectic and receptionist was stressed-out and rude, but she got the job done.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr Farakh ,is FABULOUS and also very gentle and understanding he pin point my problem right away , and he put together a plan to help me in the near future to a pain free recovery.

TRICIA G. — 5 stars

From the minute I walked in until the minute I left I felt welcomed there. Dr. Farakh answered all my questions and even did the X-ray the same day unlike other places I've been.. Definitely recommend him to others!!

STEPHANIE V. — 5 stars

I loved Dr. Nabil Farakh, he was very friendly and had a good sense of humor. He was very thorough and ordered all the right things to get to the bottom of my problem. I would definitely recommend him.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr. Farakh is friendly, thorough, accurate, and an excellent Physician. The office staff is always very busy, but they are very nice, polite and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Farakh, at any of his offices.

DEBORAH H. — 5 stars

Very nice and sweet stuff. No long waits. Exceptionally clean and organized office. Everyone is very friendly. Doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is very thorough and pleasant. Would definitely recommend !

ELIZABETH M. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is good not like the other typical Brooklyn doctors. Most Brooklyn doctors push for surgery with out ever recommending rehab just so they could make more money. I recommend this guy.

EUGENE Y. — 5 stars

I thought the visit went very well, the employees were very nice. I thought the service was very professional and the doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh) was great. I highly recommend this facility.

ONASIS B. — 5 stars

Dr Farakh is knowledgeable, thorough, and very easy to talk to. My children were comfortable with him and he knew exactly how to help them

ERICA B. — 5 stars

Doctor Farakh has great professional sckills and personal manners. I'm very satisfied with the result of my visit. Highly recommended!

OLGA L. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is a good listener. Right to the point. He ask questions related to your possible injure and he proceeds with a complete examination.

MIRIAM R. — 5 stars

The staff was very professional..courteous and I would recommend to my friends.

VINCENT J. — 5 stars

Very professional ,and understanding caring and worked toward a solution to solve my problem.

TRICIA G. — 5 stars

Extremely prompt and professional. He (Dr. Nabil Farakh) got right to the point with the diagnosis and proceeded to the next steps as far as treatment.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Very professional stuff. Doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh) has a good manners and knowledge. Thanks to everyone who helped with my visit today.

S.K. — 5 stars

I went with my young child and he (Dr. Nabil Farakh) was very calming and nurturing towards her as she was extremely nervous about the visit.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

I liked him (Dr. Nabil Farakh). He was knowledgeable and was honest without freaking me out, which is a very good quality in a doctor.

TERRENCE B. — 5 stars

Dr. Farakh was excellent. He listened to everything I said, took his time, I feel that I am very good hands.

STEPHEN C. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is very professional . Right to the point.

LUCY C. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Nabil Farakh) is a very thorough and nice Doctor. the staff was very nice and very professional.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Awesome he (Dr. Nabil Farakh) solve my problems and was able to answer every single question of mines

LATOYA M. — 5 stars

Professional, answered all questions and gave me better care than my last provider.

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

He's (Dr. Nabil Farakh) down to earth, smart and kind.

DAWNMICHELE P. — 5 stars

Minimal wait. Very pleasant doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh), knowledgable and great staff. Clean office.

QUINN H. — 5 stars

Great doctor (Dr. Nabil Farakh) know his specialty very well and answers all of your questions.

PIERSON T. — 5 stars

I love this doctor, I do not think I would trust anyone else with my knee. Very precise and gets straight to figuring out the problem. Extremely Intelligent and professional as a college student, I have very limited time at home he got me right in for surgery with short notice from me. Explained things thoroughly with basic anatomy I knew exactly what he was saying and what was going to be done to my knee. So happy I found him when I did. I've been seeing him for almost a year and I never left his office empty handed. I was at ease going into surgery having read a lot about him. If you are like me and are a super nervous person I assure you he will make you feel confident and take away all fear. Most genuine doctor I have ever had. Open to questions and attentive to any concerns. Thank you Dr. Farakh!

JENNIFER B. — 5 stars

Great experience. Office moves fast, Very profesional staff. Dr Hecht is extremely thorough and thoughtful.

ERIC F. — 5 stars

I chose to make an appointment with Dr. Hecht after reading other patients' feedback involving his experience, knowledge, and bedside manner. The office so efficient that even though I was there early because I knew I would be filling out paperwork as a new patient my appointment was completed within 10 minutes. I did not feel rushed and had a conversation with the doctor after reviewing my X-rays that made me feel comfortable addressing all my questions. The office got clearance from insurance company and set up an appointment with another office while they searched for the most immediate appointment that would be conveniently located. I wish every doctor's office and business was run this well. Though it was efficient on time, the entire office cared, including the doctor. He even monitored the status of my insurance approval of the tests for the other office and the appointment being made at the other office.

ADAM R. — 5 stars

Dr. Hecht performs his duties with professionalism, care, understanding, and warmth. He sees his patients right away and listens to patients' concerns. He provides follow-up recommendations that are adequate to promote optimal care. A fantastic doctor!

HARRIETTE B. — 5 stars

Doctor (Dr. Robert Hecht) was knowledgable and spent enough time with me and was very straight forward and explained and answered my questions. Staff was very attentive to all my needs and friendly and pleasant.

VALERIE F. — 5 stars

He (Dr. Robert Hecht) was thorough, made sure I received the appropriate treatment and I was able to get all my tests - X-ray and MRI in the same office

ANONYMOUS — 5 stars

Dr. Hecht was great as was his staff. I didn't wait that long at all. I would certainly recommend him.

MICHAEL R. — 5 stars

Professional, courteous and helpful.

STEPHEN K. — 5 stars

Attentive, caring and very practical.

ANTOINETTE V. — 5 stars