Hip Bursitis is a Common Work Injury

A woman holds her side in pain from hip bursitis.

Orthopedic hip surgeons in New York discuss the causes and symptoms of work-related hip bursitis.

The hips support much of your body weight and are also responsible for your upper leg mobility. When you injure a hip, not only may you experience pain, but you may become very limited from everyday movements. Hip injuries don't always happen because of an accident. In the case of hip bursitis, it's common for the condition to have developed at work.

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What is hip bursitis?

The hips have bursas, jelly-like sacs located in between the bones and tissues of the hip joint. Bursas are there to absorb shock. When they are damaged and become inflamed, that is classified as hip bursitis. There are two types of hip bursitis. The types vary depending on which bursa becomes inflamed. The two types include:

  • Trochanteric Bursitis: With this type of bursitis, the bursa located in the upper hip bone, also called the greater trochanter, becomes inflamed.
  • Iliopsoas Bursitis: The iliopsoas bursa is the largest in the human body. It is located near the groin. Inflammation in this area is characterized as iliopsoas bursitis.

What causes hip bursitis?

Bursas become inflamed when there is too much repetitive stress on your hips. You may not realize it, but sitting for too long puts a lot of strain on your hips. So, if you work from home or have a job where you're sitting for an extended period, you may develop work-related hip bursitis. Some common causes include:

  • Constant stress on the hip joint from bending, twisting, lifting, or leaning
  • Heavy lifting
  • Slip and falls, vehicle crashes, and other traumatic accidents
  • Underlying medical conditions
  • Work-related infections
  • Back injuries

Common symptoms of hip bursitis

One of the first signs of hip bursitis is sharp hip pain. This acute temporary pain will then turn into an ache that stays throughout the day. You may also feel weak in the leg on the affected hip's side. In addition, your hip may swell, become stiff and cause you to have limited mobility. Without treatment, hip bursitis may worsen with time and too much movement.

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Hip bursitis and other work-related hip injuries should be taken seriously, and our doctors are here to help you. We know how painful hip injuries can be. The doctors and surgeons at IMC Bone Doc have 100 years of combined medical experience. We can help you choose the proper treatment, which could include steroid injections or physical therapy.

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