FAQ About Back and Spinal Cord Injury Medical Procedures

Our experienced NYC orthopedic back surgeons explain what you need to know

Finding accurate information about medical procedures for back and spine injuries can sometimes be a challenge. There’s so much information out there but knowing what’s the right answer to your questions can be confusing. That’s why our knowledgeable New York orthopedic back surgeons at Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc) created this page. Our answers are based on more than 100 years of combined medical experience from our doctors.

We also understand the urgency of your situation. You want answers now. That’s why we often offer immediate appointments the same day at our seven office locations in New York City and Long Island. Whenever possible, we will do our best to schedule all your future medical appointments at the same convenient IMC Bone Doc location.

What is your question about back or spinal cord injury medical procedures?

Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about medical procedures designed to treat serious back or spinal cord injuries. Our answers are based on our extensive experience in the operating room, helping patients just like you.

The sooner you know more about your injury and the different treatments available for you, the better. That way, you can make informed decisions about what to do about your back or spinal cord injury.

Because we realize the importance of accurately diagnosing what’s wrong with you as soon as possible, all seven of our offices have an MRI machine and other diagnostic equipment in them. If your treatment plan includes physical therapy, we can perform those procedures at any one of our offices in New York. That’s because we have a licensed physical therapist on staff in each office. All our doctors are licensed and know how to administer epidurals, which can greatly reduce the amount of pain you feel in your back.

Get help you need for your back or spinal cord injury. Make an appointment.

Serious back or spine injuries demand serious attention. Get the medical care you need to get your life back on track. Contact us and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced New York orthopedic back surgeons. You can make an appointment online or call us. IMC Bone Doc is an in-network medical provider. That means your medical expenses should be covered by your medical insurance. If you have any questions about coverage, simply talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members at IMC Bone Doc. We’re here to help you.

How do I know if I need back or spine surgery?

The only way you will know for sure is to have an experienced orthopedic back surgeon examine you and diagnose exactly what’s wrong. Depending on what type of injury or illness you have, you may need to undergo diagnostic tests, including having an X-ray, MRI or CT scan taken of your back. We can perform all those tests – and many more – in-house. That way, you won’t have to worry about racing around New York to get from one doctor’s appointment to another. We can help you in one, convenient location.

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What are the warning signs that I need back or spine surgery?

You know your body best. If something feels wrong with your back – especially if you’re experiencing chronic back pain or are having trouble bending your back – have a doctor examine you right away. Your back is a very important and sensitive part of your body.

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What is the average age when someone undergoes back or spine surgery?

In theory, you can be any age when you undergo back surgery but, in many cases, many people are older adults when they have back surgery. That’s because many surgical procedures for the spine or back are done to correct long-term wear and tear in the spine.

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How long does it normally take to recover from back or spine surgery?

Depending on what type of surgery you undergo for your back, your recovery could take several weeks, several months or perhaps even more than a year. Spinal cord surgery is among the most complicated and most serious medical procedures performed on patients. That’s why we will explain exactly what to expect before, during and after your operation. That way, there will be no surprises and you will have a better understanding of when you will likely be back into your regular routine.

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What is the average cost of back or spinal cord surgery?

Back and spinal cord surgery costs vary depending on many different factors. From the complexity of your surgery to the length of your hospital stay after your operation, the total cost of your operation can vary from a few thousand dollars to significantly more. Our orthopedic back surgeons focus on the quality of your care. For us, it’s important that you receive the best possible care so you have the best opportunity for a full recovery.

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Who will pay for my back or spinal cord surgery?

In most cases, your medical bills will be covered by your medical insurance. If you injured your back in a car accident, your medical expenses will likely be covered by a no-fault car accident. If you hurt your back at work, most New York businesses have workers’ compensation insurance, which covers the costs of these medical expenses.

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Does my medical insurance cover back or spine surgery?

Yes. In most cases, your medical expenses should be covered by your medical insurance. IMC Bone Doc is an in-network provider accepted by most major insurance companies. If you are not sure if your medical insurance covers the cost of your surgical operation, talk to one of our staff members. We have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and understand how the system works.

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Does workers’ compensation cover back or spine surgery?

If you hurt your back at work in New York, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will likely cover all the medical expenses associated with your back operation. It’s also important to note that you have the right to choose an in-network medical provider to treat your work-related back injury. IMC Bone Doc is certified to handle work-related injuries covered by workers’ compensation insurance in New York.

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How can a spinal cord surgeon help me?

A spinal cord injury can change your life forever in an instant. That’s why it’s critical that you receive the medical care you need and deserve as soon as possible. Our surgeons understand the urgency of your medical condition. We also realize the importance of getting everything right. There’s no room for error when it comes to operating on someone’s spine. That’s why our New York orthopedic spine surgeons are proud of our reputation for being exceptional, detail-oriented doctors focused on results. We’re here to help you get your life back on track.

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