Surgical Foot and Ankle Treatments

Immediate appointments available with our NYC orthopedic foot surgeons

Surgery can be a very effective method for treating serious foot and ankle injuries. That’s why it’s critical that you have an experienced, orthopedic foot surgeon examining you, diagnosing your injury and performing the operation. That’s why our New York orthopedic foot surgeons at Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc) want to meet with you.

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained surgeons are familiar with the latest and most effective foot and ankle medical procedures.  That’s because our doctors regularly perform surgery in the greater New York City area. Overall, our surgeons have more than 100 years of combined medical experience.

You have lived in pain for long enough. Get the relief you need and deserve for your foot or ankle injury. Schedule an appointment with IMC Bone Doc. We understand the urgency of many people’s situations. That’s why we have an MRI machine in each office and often offer same day appointments at our seven locations in New York City and Long Island. If possible, we will do our best to schedule all your medical care at one, convenient location.

What surgical treatment is right for your foot or ankle injury?

There are many different surgical procedures to consider for foot or ankle injuries. Some of the most common – and most effective – surgical procedures we perform for musculoskeletal injuries involving the feet or ankles include:

These are just some of the surgical procedures we regularly perform at IMC Bone Doc. We also realize that every person’s injury and medical condition is different. That’s why we never assume anything about you or any other patient. We run the necessary tests. We carefully examine you. We then explain which medical treatments we believe are the best ones for your specific, foot or ankle injury.

Give your foot or ankle injury the attention it deserves. Make an appointment.

Don’t underestimate the severity of your foot or ankle injury. Get the medical care you need and deserve. Contact IMC Bone Doc and schedule an appointment with an experienced, New York orthopedic surgeon right now. Call us or schedule an appointment online right now. IMC Bone Doc is an in-network medical provider. As a result, we accept most major forms of medical insurance.

What is ankle arthroscopy surgery?

Ankle arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure (meaning the impact is less than a traditional surgical procedure) used to evaluate and repair damage to the ankle. And because arthroscopic surgery involves making small incisions and using small surgical instruments, there is often less scar tissue and the recovery time is often shorter and less painful.

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What is bunion surgery?

A bunion is a large, bony growth found on the outside of the foot often near the base of the big toe. Bunions can be painful and can change the shape of your foot if left untreated, making it difficult to walk. Bunion surgery involves removing the bunion and realigning the foot in order to correct this foot deformity and eliminate foot pain.

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What is ankle joint replacement surgery?

Severely injured bones, tendons and ligaments in the ankle sometimes need to be replaced with artificial, prosthetic joints. Ankle joint replacement surgery often focuses on replacing the all or part of damaged areas in three bones – fibula (calf bone), talus (ankle bone) and tibia (shin bone). A bone graft is also often required to promote bone healing and growth.

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What is ankle arthrodesis surgery?

Ankle arthrodesis surgery is the official medical term for a surgical procedure which involves fusing two bones together in the ankle joint. These bones include the tibia (shin bone), fibula (calf bone) and talus (ankle bone). By fusing the bones together, ankle arthrodesis surgery can often relieve joint pain and improve mobility and stability in the ankle.

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What is ankle instability surgery?

As the name of this surgical procedure suggests, ankle instability surgery is designed to improve stability in the ankle. This is done by replacing or repairing stretched or torn ligaments in the ankle. Sometimes, ligaments need to be lengthened or shortened. This is an anatomic repair. Other times, damaged ligaments are replaced with a tendon grafted into the ankle. This is a non-anatomic repair. In either case, ankle instability surgery can be an effective method for correcting painful ankle instability issues.

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What is foot reconstruction surgery?

Serious foot injuries caused by an accident, illness, birth defects or other foot ailments often require completely rebuilding and reconstructing the ankle in order to restore full functionality to the foot. There are many different kinds of foot reconstruction surgery. Our experienced, New York orthopedic foot surgeons can explain them to you and which approach makes the most sense based on your specific medical condition.

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What is subtalar arthrodesis surgery?

The subtalar joint located at the intersection of the ankle bone (talus) and heel bone (calcaneus) below the ankle joint. Subtalar arthrodesis surgery involves eliminating the joint by fusing the bones together through a combination of bone grafting, wires, plates, screws or rods. This surgical procedure is often done to relieve chronic pain in the subtalar joint and correct bone damage often caused by degenerative bone disease.

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What is minimally invasive foot surgery?

Thanks to technological advances, foot surgery can now often be performed using smaller surgical instruments, devices and imaging techniques. Known collectively as minimally invasive foot surgery (MIFS), this approach can be used to correct structural deformities in the foot (flat feet, hammer toe, etc.) and a wide range of foot injuries (Achilles tendon rupture, ankle arthritis, etc.). MIFS often involves making small incisions in the ankle and using small surgical instruments, resulting in less scar tissue and often shortening recovery time.

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What is cavovarus foot correction surgery?

A higher than normal arch in the mid-section of the foot is known as a cavovarus foot deformity. This surgical procedure is designed to correct that deformity, which can cause chronic foot pain, make it difficult to walk and result in ankle instability. Specifically, cavovarus foot correction surgery often involves cutting or fusing bones together in the feet and ankle to correct the foot’s alignment, so the foot evenly comes into contact with the ground.

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What is flatfoot reconstruction surgery?

Technically known as pes planusis, flat feet are a medical condition in which the arch in the foot does not exist and the base of the foot comes into complete contact with the ground when standing. Flatfoot reconstruction surgery corrects this foot deformity often by removing or repairing damaged bones or tendons, which are often the cause of flat fleet.

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What is ankle ligament reconstruction surgery?

The tough, flexible bands which connect cartilage and bones are known as ligaments. Over time or due to a serious injury, ligaments in the ankle can become injured, damaged, wore out or stiff. Any one of these conditions can result in chronic, severe ankle pain. Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery often involves removing the damaged part of the ligament by shortening the ligament and re-attaching the healthy part of the ligament to bone or cartilage in the ankle. Other times, a healthy piece of tendon may be used to replace the damaged ligament and restore stability in the ankle.

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