What Are Common Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Procedures?

Our experienced New York orthopedic sports surgeons explain your options

You might think you need surgery for your sports injury but what many people might not realize is there are many non-surgical sports injury treatment options. That’s why it’s important to talk with an experienced, knowledgeable orthopedic sports surgeon as soon as possible. That’s why we want to meet with you at Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc).

Our board-certified, fellowship-trained New York sports medicine doctors can diagnose you and recommend the best treatment options for your specific sports injury. That’s because our surgeons have more than 100 years of combined medical experience dealing with sports medicine related injuries.

In addition, all seven of our offices in New York City and Long Island have the latest, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, including an MRI machine in each office. That way, we can figure out what’s wrong and start treating your sports injury right away.

What are common non-surgical medical procedures for sports injuries?

There are many non-surgical procedures used to treat sports injuries. Some of the most common – and most effective treatments – include:

Whatever treatment you need for your sports injury, we will do everything we can to make sure you can receive your treatment at one, IMC Bone Doc location. That way, you can receive the treatment you need at a location convenient for you.

How can a sports medicine doctor help me? Contact us to learn more.

Learn more about non-surgical treatment options for your sports-related injury. Contact us and schedule an appointment with a doctor at our medical practice. Many of our physicians have immediate appointments available the same day. Make an appointment online or call us.

IMC Bone Doc is an in-network medical practice. That means we accept most forms of medical insurance. As a result, your insurance may cover all your medical bills. If you’re not sure what your insurance covers, our knowledgeable staff members have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. Count on the New York orthopedic sports surgeon at IMC Bone Doc when it matters most. Schedule an appointment right now.

What is bracing?

Broken bones or fractured bones often benefit from being held in place with a brace. This is why many doctors recommend wearing a brace if the bones in your leg, arm or another part of your body are broken or partially fractured.

Wearing a brace is a common, non-surgical treatment option for many sports-related injuries. From bone misalignment injuries to shoulders or knees being dislocated, a brace may be the best way to treat your specific injury.

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What is casting?

Wearing a cast remains one of the most common, non-surgical treatment options for a broken bone. That’s why it’s common for many injured athletes to wear a cast to hold a broken arm, leg or another injured body part in place.

By wearing a cast, the broken bones are held in place and should grow back together naturally. Wearing a cast is often advised for people with a partial bone fracture, stress fracture or clean break in the bone. A compound fracture may require a different treatment option.

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What is pain medication treatment?

Serious pain caused by a severe sports injury is a very significant issue. That’s why we take complaints about pain due to a sports-related injury very seriously. Our doctors have extensive pain management experience. We can prescribe pain relief medications for your injury or if you are still in pain while recovering from a surgical procedure.

If you have severe back pain – especially in the lower back – due to a sports-related injury, an epidural (pain-relieving shot) may be the most effective way to relieve your back pain. That’s why it’s important to consult with an experienced doctor at IMC Bone Doc if you are in pain due to an athletic injury.

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What is physical therapy?

Sports medicine physical therapy can often be an important part of your recovery process after a serious sports injury. That’s why all seven of our New York offices at IMC Bone Doc has a licensed physical therapist in each office.

If you need physical therapy for your sports injury or after undergoing surgery for your injury, we can provide high-quality therapy at location convenient for you. We also teach you and recommend specific exercises designed to promote healing after your injury.

Get the help you need to get your life back on track after your sports injury. Find out how one of our licensed physical therapists can help you. Make an appointment right away with IMC Bone Doc. We’re here to help.

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