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Knee Pain Services

Knee pain prevents you from doing what you love and need to do to live a fulfilling life. Find relief to live life to its fullest.

Causes and Treatment of Knee Pain

Injuries can result from high velocity sporting activities or from something as simple as a slip and fall. Treatment depends on the severity of the knee injury.

Acute Injuries

Torn and sprain ligaments can occur due to a fall or overexertion.

Treatment Procedures:  Our knee subspecialists will perform a digital x-ray to evaluate the condition of your knee. A MRI may be used to detect damage to small parts of the knee such as the ligaments and meniscus. We have all of the equipment needed to diagnose your knee condition.

Once diagnosis is made, we'll determine if you need orthoscopic surgery, fracture care, or reconstruction procedures, and perform the treatment that should best relieve your knee pain.

Meniscal Injuries

A meniscus tear causes clicking, catching and a sensation of giving-way or buckling at the knee. Most people suffer from this injury when they twist the wrong way.

Treatment Procedures: Our skilled, board certified electrodiagnostic doctors perform an in-house MRI to determine the best course of action for your meniscal injury. Meniscal injuries typically require orthoscopic surgery or partial meniscectomy. Our specially trained physicians use an all arthroscopic-type technique to maximize your comfort during the procedure. 

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries

Athletes are the most common sufferers of anterior cruciate ligament. This injury occurs when the athlete hyperextends, pivots, or receives a high impact blow from an object or player. The high impact blow is also the cause of many motor vehicle accident victims suffering from this injury.

Treatment Procedures: Two types of treatments are available in our comprehensive musculoskeletal care facility: non-operative and operative care.

Non-operative care of the anterior cruciate ligament involves working with a physical therapist in strengthening the hamstring of the posterior thigh muscles. This treatment route is often most effective for athletes suffering from pivoting injuries.

If physical therapy is not successful, operative care may be recommended.

Operative care is often for patients involved in high demand types of sports such as football, tennis, basketball, and soccer. Many of these patient's experience buckling at the knees, which can lead to degeneration of cartilage causing significant reduced mobility and extreme pain.

Our board certified orthopedic surgeons have been specialty trained in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using a less invasive all arthroscopic-type technique using either bone-patella-bone Autograft or Allograft cadaveric bone.

Due to our many years of experience helping patients with this injury, we find that Allograit enables patients to resume physical therapy and functional activities with less morbidity.

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