Knee Arthroscopy Surgery

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Knee arthroscopy surgery is often used to diagnose and treat serious knee injuries. Because arthroscopic knee surgery is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, it has become one of the most popular surgical knee injury treatments in recent years. Even so, it's still important that you have an experienced, arthroscopic knee surgeon performing your procedure.

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What is knee arthroscopy surgery?

Arthroscopic knee surgery has generally become the standard knee surgical procedure, replacing previously more traditional open knee surgery. That’s because the success rate and recovery time for knee arthroscopy surgery is often much higher.

Knee arthroscopy surgery involves making two or three small incisions in the knee. A narrow tube (known as an arthroscope) is then inserted into one of the incisions. The arthroscope contains a small video camera on the end of the device. This camera allows doctors to have a clear, detailed view inside the knee. That way, the knee surgeon can properly diagnose what’s wrong with the knee.

Using one of the other small incisions in the knee, the surgeon can insert small surgical instruments, lasers or scissors to repair the damage to the knee. Other incisions in the knee can be used to insert an arthroscopic camera to see whether the knee injury has been properly and completely repaired.

What are common reasons for arthroscopic knee surgery?

Arthroscopic knee surgery is used to fix or repair a wide range of knee injuries or abnormalities. Some of the most common medical conditions addressed using arthroscopic knee surgery include removing or repairing:

  • Torn meniscus
  • Torn cruciate ligament
  • Torn articular cartilage
  • Loose bone fragments
  • Inflamed synovial tissue
  • Baker's cyst

Realignment of the kneecap (often referred to as the patella) is another common reason why knee arthroscopy surgery is performed.

What should I expect after knee arthroscopy surgery?

You can except to be discharged the same day you undergo knee arthroscopy surgery. As far as your recovery time, that will vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure performed, your health and your age. In many cases, a full recovery from arthroscopic knee surgery often takes four to six weeks. Recovery times can vary, however.

Recovery from knee arthroscopy is much faster than that from an open knee surgery. During your recovery period, you may need to use a knee brace or crutches. Your doctor might also prescribe pain medication and physical therapy to strengthen your leg muscles and restore your leg to a full range of motion. If you need physical therapy, you can receive such treatment in any one of our seven office locations. That’s because each office has a fully-licensed physiatrist.

We also have extensive experience helping people manage knee pain. This may include prescribing pain medications to injecting gels directly in the knee, which can sometimes delay the need for knee replacement surgery for several months.

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