Revision Knee Replacement (RKR) Surgery

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Revision knee replacement surgery can be an effective way to treat and repair serious knee injuries and physical damage to your knee. That’s probably why RKR surgery has become such a popular surgical knee injury treatment. Choosing the right doctor to perform your knee injury medical procedure can be confusing. Knowing who to trust to operate on you might not be clear.

Our board-certified, New York revision knee replacement surgeons at IMC Bone Doc have the knowledge and experience you need to do the job right. Our doctors at Island Musculoskeletal Care have more than 100 years of combined medical experience. We can examine you and help you decide if RKR surgery is right for you. In many cases, you may be able to receive all your medical care with us at one, convenient location.

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What is Revision Knee Replacement (RKR) surgery?

If you previously had knee surgery, revision knee replacement surgery may be an effective way to repair mistakes, defects or additional wear and tear that has occurred since your previous knee operation. As part of RKR surgery, all or part of your prosthetic knee is removed and replaced with new artificial parts.

We can examine your knee and determine if additional surgery is necessary to correct any issues. Often, diagnosing such issues involves taking an MRI image of your knee. That’s why all seven of our New York offices are equipped with an MRI machine.

Every revision knee replacement surgery is different. Depending on what’s wrong with your previously, surgically repaired knee, your RKR surgery may involve:

  • Replacing existing knee prosthesis with a new knee prosthesis
  • Addressing an infection in your knee
  • Adjusting the tightness of your prosthetic knee (too tight, too loose, etc.)
  • Replacing a worn-out knee prosthesis
  • Repairing or replacing bone damage caused by existing knee prosthesis
  • Repairing or replacing your kneecap (patella)

How long does it take to recover from revision knee replacement surgery?

Your recovery time can last a few days to a few weeks depending on a variety of factors, including the severity of your knee injury prior to surgery and extent of your surgical operation. The important thing is to follow your doctor’s instructions after undergoing RKR surgery.

Most likely, you will need to walk with crutches or a walker for several days or weeks. Your recovery program will also likely involve physical therapy. If so, you can receive physical therapy any one of our seven locations. That’s because each office has a licensed physical therapist and advanced physical therapy equipment.

In addition, our doctors have extensive experience reducing knee pain before and after RKR surgery. This may include prescribing pain medications or performing minimally invasive procedures designed to relieve your pain, including injecting pain-relieving gels into the knee, which can delay the need for knee replacement surgery for several months.

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