Computer Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Our experienced New York orthopedic knee surgeons explain this process

Computer assisted knee replacement surgery can be an effective surgical knee injury treatment. Just because a computer is being used to assist with a surgical procedure, that doesn’t mean that a computer can replace a skilled knee surgeon. That’s why we want to meet with you as soon as possible at IMC Bone Doc.

Our board-certified, New York orthopedic knee surgeons at Island Musculoskeletal Care have extensive experience performing a wide range of knee injury medical procedures, including computer assisted knee replacement surgery. Our doctors can explain how the process works, what to expect and whether computer assisted knee replacement surgery is right for you. Schedule an appointment today. Many of our doctors have same day appointments available.

What are common reasons for computer assisted knee replacement surgery?

In some cases, we use computers to assist with surgical knee procedures, particularly when we’re trying to get the alignment of your knee perfect. In these cases, we often use 3-D digital software to create an accurate, life-like model of your knee. That way, we can accurately position your knee and any prosthetic devices in the exact, right spot.

We also often used MRI machines to diagnose exactly what’s wrong with your knee prior to surgery. That’s why each one of our seven New York offices has its own MRI machine. That way, we know exactly what to expect when we operate on you.

Computer assisted knee replacement surgery can be used in many circumstances, including:

  • Younger patients that require exact, precise positioning of the knee
  • Patients who previously had knee surgery and are now experiencing complications
  • Patients who previously had leg fractures and have hardware in leg from a procedure

Learn more about the benefits of computer assisted knee replacement surgery. Talk to a doctor at our medical practice. We want to help.

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