How Can A New York Workers’ Compensation Doctor Help Me?

Our NYC workers’ compensation surgeons explain what we can do for you

Workplace injuries can be painful and serious. Fortunately, most workplace injuries in New York are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. That’s important since your recovery time could last weeks or months or perhaps even longer. In many cases, the key to your recovery is getting the best possible medical care as soon as possible.

Our doctors understand what you’re going through at Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc). That’s because our board-certified, fellowship-trained New York orthopedic surgeons have more than 100 years of combined medical experience. As your doctor, we can diagnose what’s wrong and being treating you right away.

Learn more about all the medical options available to you. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled orthopedic surgeons right now. Many of our doctors have immediate appointments available the same day at one of our seven New York office locations. If possible, we will do our best to schedule all your appointments at one convenient location.

When do you need to see a workers’ compensation doctor?

The short answer is “as soon as possible.” First, your health needs to be your top priority, and the sooner your injuries are diagnosed, the better the prognosis for your care. If you leave an injury untreated, it may get worse, leaving you with more pain and a longer recovery period.

Second, seeing a doctor as soon as possible creates a record of your work injury that will support your workers’ compensation claim. If you wait, the insurance company may argue that something happened in the intervening time and that your injury isn’t truly work-related.

We understand the workers’ compensation system, and we advocate for our patients at every step in the process. The sooner you come in to get checked out, the better. We often have same-day or next-day appointments available, so you can take immediate action to protect your health.

Reasons why you should see a doctor after your workplace injury

There are so many reasons why you should make an appointment with a doctor after your workplace injury. Some of the reasons why include:

  • Finding out exactly what’s wrong with you
  • Learning about all the medical treatment options available to you
  • Preventing your injury from getting worse due to lack of treatment
  • Reducing the amount of pain you may be in due to your workplace injury
  • Fully recovering so you can start doing many of the things you enjoy
  • Possibly reducing the length of your recovery time

Don’t wait to take action after your workplace injury. The sooner you can start getting the medical care you need, the better. That’s why all seven of our New York offices are fully equipped with some of the latest, diagnostic equipment, including an MRI machine in each office. That way, we can figure out exactly what’s wrong and start effectively treating your workplace injury right away.

If your recovery plan includes physical therapy, we can help as well. That’s because all of our offices have a licensed physical therapist on staff. We understand the importance of physical therapy and truly want to help you get better.

Our New York workers’ compensation surgeons want to help you. Contact us.

You should not have to suffer just because you got hurt at work. Get the medical care you need and deserve for your workplace injury. Contact IMC Bone Doc and schedule an appointment with one of our experienced, New York orthopedic surgeons. You can reach us online or call us.

IMC Bone Doc is an in-network medical practice. That means we accept most forms of medical insurance and workers’ compensation insurance in New York. If you have questions, simply talk to one of our experienced, knowledgeable staff members at IMC Bone Doc. We’re here to help you get your life back on track.