FAQs About Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Our experienced NYC workers’ compensation surgeons answer your questions

Did you get hurt at work? Trying to find answers to your questions about workers’ compensation in New York and what it all means for your workplace injury? We understand what you’re going through and we want to help.

At Island Musculoskeletal Care (IMC Bone Doc), our New York surgeons and staff members have years of experience dealing with workplace injuries and New York’s workers’ compensation system. Specifically, our doctors have more than 100 years of combined medical experience.

There’s no substitute for this experience. Get the answer you need from doctors you can trust. Contact IMC Bone Doc. Many of our doctors have immediate appointments available the same day. Whenever possible, we will do everything we can to provide all your treatment at one convenient location. Call us or schedule an appointment online. Our New York orthopedic workplace injury surgeons at IMC Bone Doc are here for you.

What is your question about workers’ compensation injuries in New York?

Don’t see your specific question? Don’t worry. It’s always best to discuss your medical issue in person with an experienced medical professional. Make an appointment right now with one of our doctors at IMC Bone Doc in New York.

What are common workplace injuries?

Some of the most common workplace injuries are also some of the most serious injuries, including:

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Can I choose my own doctor if I was hurt in a workplace accident in New York?

Yes. In most cases, you have the right to choose your own doctor to provide your medical care in the event of a work-related injury. We realize you have many different workers’ compensation doctors to choose from in New York. That’s why we would be honored to earn your trust and provide you with exceptional medical care on your terms.

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Who will pay my medical bills if I get hurt at work in New York?

In most cases, most employers in New York have medical insurance which covers all workplace injuries. This insurance coverage is known as workers’ compensation. Almost all employers in New York must have workers’ compensation insurance. Some businesses in New York are exempt from having workers’ compensation but these businesses “may be exempt in very narrow circumstances,” according to the New York State workers’ compensation website.

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Does it matter who’s at fault when determining who pays my medical bills for a workplace injury?

No. It does not matter who caused your workplace injury. Even if you accidentally did something to cause your accident, workers’ compensation insurance in New York will cover the cost of your medical expenses in most cases. Rare exceptions include if you were doing something illegal at work at the time of your accident, including being intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs at the time of your accident.

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Is there a deadline for filing a workers’ compensation claim in New York?

Yes. There are specific deadlines for seeking workers’ compensation benefits in New York, including receiving money for medical expenses related to your workplace injury. In most cases, you have up to two years to file a workers’ compensation claim in New York. In our experience, the sooner you get the medical attention you need and deserve for your workplace injury, the better.

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What is a ‘Schedule Loss of Use’ (SLU) award?

The New York workers’ compensation system defines a ‘Schedule Loss of Use’ (SLU) award as a cash benefit to people injured on the job which results in a “permanent functional impairment of a body part” which results in a permanent loss of earning power, according to the New York State workers’ compensation website. This can include the loss of use of all or part of your arm, leg, hand, foot or another body part.

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Who is eligible for a ‘Schedule Loss of Use’ (SLU) award?

In theory, anyone injured at work whose injury results in a permanent functional impairment of a body part which results in a loss of earning power is eligible for a Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) award. However, in order to prove that you are eligible for a SLU award, you will need a doctor to submit a medical report states that you have reached your maximum medical improvement (MMI) and have permanently lost the function of the body part injured in the workplace accident.

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How much is a ‘Schedule Loss of Use’ (SLU) award in New York?

New York’s workers’ compensation system uses a complex formula to determine your Schedule Loss of Use (SLU) award. Your SLU award will be based on two numbers:

  • Amount of time you can receive your SLU benefits
  • Maximum amount of money you can receive in SLU benefits

The amount of time you can receive SLU benefits is based on:

  • Maximum weeks allowed of SLU benefits (different body parts have different maximum number of weeks you can receive benefits)
  • What percentage you lost the use of your body part
  • The first two numbers listed above (maximum weeks allowed and percentage loss of use) are then multiplied by each other to determine how long you will receive your SLU benefit

The maximum amount of money you can receive in SLU benefits is then based on:

  • Your average weekly wage prior to your workplace injury
  • Your weekly SLU benefit can then be up to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, up to the maximum amount set by the state, which varies depending on when your workplace accident took place

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Will workers’ comp cover all my medical expenses for my workplace injury?

Yes. In most cases, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should cover all your medical bills for your work-related injury. So your primary focus should be on receiving the best care possible for your workplace injury.

We believe our board-certified doctors at IMC Bone Doc are the right choice. Best of all, our medical practice is in-network, which means our services are covered by most insurance providers, including workers’ compensation insurance.

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Does workers’ compensation cover physical therapy for workplace injuries?

Yes. Physical therapy is just as important as other medical procedures. In many cases, your workers’ compensation coverage should cover physical therapy. You and your doctor will likely need to demonstrate how physical therapy can help with your recovery, however.

Our doctors at IMC Bone Doc understand the importance of physical therapy. That’s why we have a licensed physical therapist in each one of our seven, New York offices. That way, you can receive the physical therapy you need in a location convenient for you.

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Are there any additional benefits for workplace injuries besides workers’ compensation in New York?

Perhaps. The answer to this question depends on many factors. In particular, if your employer knew of a hazardous condition which caused your workplace injury but did nothing to prevent the accident from happening, your employer could be held financially responsible for your injury.

Our focus at IMC Bone Doc is simply to provide you with the best possible medical care for your workplace injury. That’s why we want to meet with you as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today with one of our experienced New York orthopedic surgeons. Many of our doctors have immediate appointments available the same day.

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